HSS Medical is the distributor of Touchstone International Medical Science Products in South Korean Market.


HSS has made accounts with 5 out of 6 major colorectal hospitals certified by Korean Government. Currently we are competing with 9 other Hemorrhoid staplers. With aggressive marketing style of HSS. Has successfully taken over more than half of the market within 8 months.



Highlights of the TST(Tissue Selective Therapy)

 The tst is specifically designed to treat segmental prolapsing hemorrhoids through segmental stapled hemorrhoidopexy rather than CSH(Circular Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy). it is encouraging that tst has potential to overcome the shortcomings of a CSH (associated with more stricture, RVF, and adverse function) with the inherent merit of a CSH (easy to perform, shorter operative time, less bleeding, and higher consistency among surgeons) in comparison with traditional nonstapling hemorrhoidectomy. Because of the protection by the bridge of the anoscope, the normal rectal wall is preserved between the mucosectomies with the expectation that normal rectal compliance is maintained, potentially resulting in improved functional outcome. furthermore, because TST spares the tissue between mucosectomies, it protects tissue adjacent to the rectovaginal septum in women, resulting in a reduced risk for RVF formation and for the development of postoperative anal stricture, as well.


www.tst.or.kr 한국어

“TST33 Avoiding Complication
St.Vincent Hospital (Australia)


Darren Gold

"New Concept in China on Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy"
The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Ya-sen University(China)

Dong Lin Ren

“What's The Conceptual Difference" 
Stapled Hemorrhoidpexy
Busan Hangwoon Hospital(Korea)

Dr. Hwang Sung Hwan

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